Monday, August 07, 2006

ULRTMT - Skype Version Now Supports Real-Time Translation

This is a very interesting utility that could be a great communication tool (not solution) for all of us.

Supposedly, this translator will translate, in real-time, one language to another in a Skype chat. Yet another reason for me to switch to Skype. I could even chat with my mother-in-law!

Most of the modules are BETA versions, but they might be worth a try.


Ioana Larco said...

This is something. I might try it. Although I'm quite skeptical when it comes to online translators. I don't think technology can replace entirely the human element when it comes to language teaching or learning. I've seen a few programs that did nothing else but translate word by word, without taking into consideration aspects that can hardly be quantified like idiomatic expressions or cultural references, just to give a few examples.

ZOverLord said...

Hi, I am the author of the ULRTMT and hope you give it a try. It really was never created with the intent to be used for professional translations, however when someone has very limited language skills in one of the languages it supports it can be a very useful tool since there really are very few other options in todays time

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