Sunday, October 08, 2006

MobaTalk Comment System

These types of systems are going to make blogs a lot more interesting in the near future. Just imagine enabling audio and video commenting on your blog. Yes, it will take you a lot longer to get through them, but how interesting would that be?

As more and more people have video on their computers (most new laptops come with video cameras pre-installed), we are going to have to think more about video applications in our instruction.

This system isn't out yet, but they do have a legacy audio version that I'm going to try out called MyChingo (


Michael Bailey said...

I hope to have the MobaTalk system done soon - I'd really like to have it launched this year, or early 2007 at the very latest.

I'm glad that you are finding the concept to be a useful one, and I can only hope that the end result is an increase in quality context provided by your audience.

Michael Bailey
MobaSoft, LLC, CEO, Founder

Ioana said...

I do think that programs that include video and audio instruction are very useful for language learning. It has been scientifically proved that aspects like voice intonation or non-verbal elements (i.e. body language, gestures) not only facilitate comprehension, but also language acquisition. I'm curious to see how these can be applied in a CALL environment.

Dan said...

Hi Ioana,

There's no doubt that these can be useful. Especially if it is made easy to post audio and video from a cell phone. I know that in our international scope, this will make a big difference between adoption and failure.


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