Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Voicemail on your Blog

I added a little item to the blog today. I thought that it would be neat to test out. It is a voice comment system from a company called Mobasoft. The level at which I'm using it is free, but they do have other paid service options.

The name of the application for now is MyChingo (, but I have a feeling that the company is working on a replacement system called MobaTalk ( MyChingo allows users to leave audio messages on a Web page (blog). In my case, I have made these comments public. But you can choose to make them private so you are really the only person who will hear them. Might be a neat option for some activities that you run. Might be neat to work into a WebQuest if you are so inclined and it serves a purpose.

Give it a try if you have a microphone.

By the way, MobaTalk looks like it will be much cooler with audio, video, and text. Hopefully they'll make it so you can have sub-systems for individual posts. Now I'm just dreaming :)



Janine said...

The blog voice feature would be a nice addition to a class blog. It could provide some authentic audio and video components for foreign language students, which would really enrich the blogging experience.

Dan said...

But you didn't give it a try :(


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