Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chinswing - Creating Conversations (A place to share, discuss and debate)

This is a interesting application. It is basically an audio discussion forum. It is linear, with the starting comment/question played first then all of the responses played linearly afterwards.

While I don't see this being good for our class, I think that it can be good for language classes. I saw a couple interesting uses already in action. One thread was a building story, one person starts then the next continues and so forth. Another way could be to record brief student presentations or opinion pieces or introduction and so forth.

Check it out for yourself.


John said...

I like doing the building stories. I have done that many times in writing classes over the years and it usually leads to some pretty funny stuff. I give each student a big piece of B3 paper, and they start writing a story and then have to switch papers with the person next to them. I usually give them about 3 minutes, then switch again. The papers rotate around the class until each student sees each paper at least once.
That could be a really fun way to use this site.

Dan said...

That seems to me to be a good use for this site. You could also interject periodic changes to the story. This would be almost like doing improve. You could change the rules on them mid-stream.


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