Sunday, March 04, 2007

Language learning and exercise - English360 Blog


Well I'm not sure if this qualifies, but it is certainly a neat idea. How would you like to sweat a little while learning Spanish? Check out this posting from english360.


Mary Spaeth said...

I liked the glossary on English360. Did you see it?

Dan said...

This probably says something about using a blog to publicize a business or products, but I never even checked out their software (their business) before your message :)

Of course, they never really self-promote in their blog, which might be a good idea. Actually, the software looks interesting. I think that readers of the blog would be interested in their offerings.

No, I had never seen their glossary. It's pretty good, isn't it? I'd direct people there in the future. However, I think that most of the definitions are starting points and not ending points.


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