Wednesday, April 04, 2007

SuperMemo 2004

This is a neat-looking software reviewed on TESL-EJ (a nice journal with many practical articles for language teachers).

The software seems a little overpriced in today's market, but the features are quite useful. It is basically a flashcard program, but it has a lot of features that you aren't likely to find on the free ones, including support for HTML and multimedia (I don't know if you can embed something from Google Videos or YouTube--that would be nice).

Given the price, I don't think that I'd buy it, but something like this to provide ongoing review of language learning is a good idea. An approach like this is something that we should encourage our learners to do.



Victoria said...
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Victoria said...


I like this software very much and I would find it very useful in my classroom as a practical application. I think your correct in stating that the approach, or idea behind the software, that is more important then the software itself. I guess eveyone needs to make money even educators.


If I had an opportunity to write a grant for some additional or supplementary activities technology,which does happen,this program would be a good purchase for students.


Dan said...

Hi Victoria,

I think that I'd buy it (for myself even) if it were around $20. That's the magic number for me, especially when it a program that I might or might now use after buying it.

I'd bet, though, that you could get some sort of bulk license for your classes and get it for less.

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