Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Zamzar - Free online file conversion

If the name isn't fun enough, just check out what you can do here. Zamzar is a conversion service.

These days it always seems that we don't have the right file type when we need it. I have a Word document and need a PDF. I have a MS Video file (.wmv) and need a Quicktime version (.mov). Well, this website will do the conversions for you. Granted a video will take a while to upload to their site, but when you're stuck, you're stuck. This is a great service to use in a pinch.

It's fast and seems reliable. I've converted a few .docs to .pdf so far. I'll have to wait on the video files.

I should add that it will convert files already online. So if you have files, audio, or video online that needs to be converted, this service will do it.

Want to convert YouTube videos? Too bad. You'll have to try something else. This service requires that the URL you supply have a file extension on it, so referring to a database (like with YouTube videos) won't work.


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