Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Loading the IUCALL in preparation for KAMALL 2007 presentation on Saturday

I'm going to try to front load IUCALL with as many good resources on Social Bookmarking, Syndication, Aggregation, and other such Web 2.0 technologies as possible before my presentation on Saturday. I would like to use this to educate the general public, but more importantly, the people who came to my presentation (or those who view the PowerPoint and notes) that I'll put up here later.

The process that I'm going to lay out is relatively easy; however, there are some difficult concepts that have to be learned before truly understanding what this means. I don't just mean understanding what my presentation and proposed approach for delivering individualized content are all about. I mean what the Read/Write movement is about. I find that one has to experience what this is about before truly understanding it.

Therefore, I am going to load this blog up with tutorials and other informational resources that can be looked through before, after, or during my presentation.


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