Monday, February 25, 2008

Six “Key Emerging Technologies” for Higher Ed Profiled in the 2008 Horizon Report | nmc

Six “Key Emerging Technologies” for Higher Ed Profiled in the 2008 Horizon Report | nmc:

Vicki Davis (Cool Cat Teacher) bookmarked this today. Thought that it was good fodder for discussion.

The 2008 Horizon Report marked these 6 "technologies" (some are really just concepts) as THE emerging technologies to watch in higher ed (don't know why they just chose higher ed):
1. grassroots video
2. collaboration webs
3. mobile broadband
4. data mashups
5. collective intelligence and
6. social operating systems

These are certainly some smart bets in the technology realm. I'd have to say that many were emerging technologies to watch in 2007. Grassroots video was certainly a player in 2007, which more and more options for both UCC (user-created content) and small film projects. If they had said interactive video streaming sites, I would have been on board. With and Y! Live hitting bit time in the last couple months, video networking is taking off. With video cameras embedded in most new laptops and the cost of plug-in cameras coming down drastically, we are going to see an explosion of video interaction online.

Collaboration webs were also on the rise in 2007. Though, I have a feeling that this report means what will hit the mainstream. If that's the case, I see that happening more this year. There are many different options for collaborative webs. There are sites that mix many collaborative options like Ning ( or others that specialize on types of media, like Google Docs, SlideShare, and Scribd. These are moving from beta-geeks to classroom teachers this year.

Mobile broadband isn't going to make a splash this year in America. I think that it will in many other countries, but the US doesn't have it yet. Not enough people with the equipment and the service isn't nearly good enough to get mainstream buy-in. This won't happen until people on different providers can easily collaborate with people on other providers. Verizon, pushed by Google, is making the move for openness that could make the market. That's going to take more than a year for buy-in though. I'd say that 2009 or 2010 is really the year of mobile computing in the US.

I'm going to stop there (out of time) and say that the other ideas are right on track. I think that each idea and relevant technologies will gain traction this year and discussions will move in the direction of using the Internet as more than just a delivery platform, but as a networking platform.


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