Friday, June 02, 2006

Welcome to CALL

Hi Folks,

Welcome to the CALL Class blog. I'll use this blog solely for posting reviews and "how to's" of technologies and resources that I find useful for langauge teachers. For the first few weeks, I'll cover some of the sites that we are using in this course including Moodle, Blogger, & Wikispaces.

Your role as a reader (and student) is to read the postings, check out these technologies, and comment on my postings. Comments can range from, "that's great...." to "how do I..."

Let me know if you have any questions.


Wan-shiu Hsu said...

Hi Dan,

When I know that we won't use oncourse to progress our curriculum, I am a little shocked. That means I have to be accustomed to another system. However, learning how to use another system is good.


Dan said...

Hi Wan-shiu,

I definately struggled with this. Especially, considering that you will be required to learn many new technologies. I was hesitant to add Moodle to this.

In the end, however, I had to refer to my past experiences with the new OncourseCL. It is truly and inferior system in just about every way. Also, using the older version of Oncourse is still a possibility, but they took away a few functions that we would have really needed here.

I guarantee that Moodle will be very easy to learn. I imagine that you will grow to like it better than Oncourse.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Nunthika said...

Hi everyone

I'm now in Bangkok, Thailand. I look forward to meeting all of you soon.

I hope we'll learn a lot from this class. :)

Erin Iorio said...

Hi from Sunny Puerto Rico!

sunnyglow said...

Actually Carol Clifford but like the name Sunny, I guess. I like this system so much better (is that grammatically correct) than oncourse. This is like a great treasure hunt, looking around for all these sites. Love it! Can tell Dan you're the expert. I like Moodle. Believe me, if you are new to the IU system, IT IS DEFINITELY easier to use. I am anxious to see your methods to create a webpage. I had alot of difficulty in my last class.

Dan said...

Hi Sunnyglow,

Hopefully the treasure hunt won't get too confusing. That is a dangerous possibility when so much is going on.

I hope that you or anyone else feeling a little lost will contact me right away so we can get you on the right track.

andrea said...

Hello, Andrea T here. It has been interesting to read about all these new tools. I have to admit that I'm a technology amateur, though - I'm sure I'll be asking a lot of questions of you, Dan, and also of classmates!

Cynthia James said...

I haven't wanted to revise a post yet, but I note with relief that one has 15 minutes to decide if one wants to delete. I think this is both for Moodle and for Blogger.

Also, I hope I don't sound too dumb, but I didn't realise that you had to hit Publish for your blogspot to become visible. I created a site, but was chicken, so I decided to save my first post as a draft.

Well, I remained looking for my blogspot for a few hours well! Then it occurred to me to create another one and delete it to see where I went wrong. Hope no one is laughing!

Dan said...

Hi Cynthia,

I doubt there is anyone laughing here. Most likely it happened with most of us and we just didn't admit it :)

The basics of starting your blog here are pretty straight forward. There are, however, many settings that can be used for advanced functionality as well as countless options for editing the template that your blog is designed on.

My point being, all of us are novices at some level in this experience and we only lift ourselves above that by learning that next option, step, and, yes, the publish button.

Hui-Chun said...

Hi Dan,

Expect to learn from this class!!


roseanne said...

Hi everyone!

I am slowly reading through all this information and realizing I have been technologically sheltered. I look forward to learning more, as soon as I understand what language you are all speaking. Should this be called Computers as a New Language? I'm sure I'll be ok, don't worry Dan.


Dan said...

Hi Roseanne,

I'm not worried. This class really could be call Computers as a New Language. I have actually heard of classes like this one with that name.

People are usually most confused with the sheer number of technologies out there. There's really no way to keep up with them all. If, like me, you make it your hobby and your job to follow these technologies, you might catch 10% of what's going on :)

What is easier, however, is to get to know the popular technologies (not just the popular titles, but the underlying technology they are built on). This number is far more managable and gives you the foundation you need to make educated decisions on which ones work for your classes.

And we have 8 weeks to do it in :)

Erin Iorio said...

Cynthia, I did the SAME thing! But I spent a whole day looking for it to show up!In the end I made another though the other one may still be there too...who knows. I thought I published it but must not have.
It is exciting how interactive and fun this is (despite my computer ignorance).

Dan said...

I often get asked, "how did you learn all of this"? That answer is countless hours of screwing up and trying to fix things :)

The process of creating order out of chaos is the new educational paradigm.

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