Saturday, June 24, 2006

Japancasting at BlogMatrix

Japancasting at BlogMatrix

I was just pointed to this site by a listserv email. I thought that you all might appreciate it. This a version of a podcast. You'll notice that it looks just like a blog, but there are audio segments attached to each of the postings.

More importantly, the content might interest you as it is somewhat geared towards language professionals.

It also has a major focus on Japanese language and culture, for those of you interested.

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Cynthia James said...

Thanks for the site, Dan. I realise that podcasting is not so difficult to understand after all. I have been opening podcasts all the time and did not realise that this is what they were called.

I want to let you know as well that I saw the post through bloglines. You´re right. Your old posts don´t come up. You can even email the person and post your comments right there. The glitch that I was having with bloglines the other night, was perhaps just temporary while things were being set up. I am in now. I checked other class blogs and I can see their new posts.


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