Sunday, July 23, 2006

elearnspace: The Next Step in Brain Evolution

This is from one of the blogs that I follow, elearnspace. George Siemens is an insightful thinker on the cutting edge of educational theory. In this posting he provides a brief editorial based on the Times Online article, "The Next Step in Brain Evolution."

Both the editorial and the article are very interesting. Referring to possible differences in cognition between digital natives (possibly our kids) and digital immigrants (all of us--nobody in our class is young enough to be a digital native).

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Erin Iorio said...

Really interesting article. It makes me feel a little like a dinosaur. I wonder what it means for the future... One thing I like to do is wonder what the world will be like in 5 years, 10 years, 30 yrs, etc...

The article made me think a lot about adaptability and how it is a gradual process that often goes unmarked. However, with the super velocity of our changing environment, I wonder if that means we are capable of speeding up our neurological evolution?

I do believe that the brain must be changing to adapt to the internet but I also wonder if people thought this was true with the invention of the television or the automobile? Everything is fast now, a lot faster than walking, reading and, as the article mentions, birdwatching.

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