Sunday, July 23, 2006

Why Minimally Guided Instruction Does Not Work

One of the greatest things about following blogs is that these wise sages of the virtual space often point me in the direction of interesting publications (or pre-publications). This is an example.

This article really seems to go along with our discussion this week of learner autonomy. The authors are real players in the field and I like reading their work. You may recognize the name Richard Clark from previous optional readings on the media vs. method debate.


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Erin Iorio said...

I think that the addition of video to a website adds a great deal of interest and excitement. I am planning to incorporate more video into my class websites to provide students with encouragement, explanations, remidners etc.
As far as the two websites detailed in the article , YouTube and Guba, I spent some time looking at them and didn't find the content to be especially relevent for educatinal purposes, however the technology behind them is interesting. I am curious to see how the sites will continue to evolve and how we as educators will hopefully see some beneficial technological advances come out of them.

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