Sunday, January 20, 2008

5 Embarrassing Grammatical Mistakes - MSN Encarta

5 Embarrassing Grammatical Mistakes - MSN Encarta

I'm not sure which blog to put this one in, so I guess I'll just do it in a few (sorry for the duplication if you read more than one).

This post just agreed with my inner English teacher. Now, I don't freak out over these mistakes, but they are certainly one that I commend on. Many people might not even notice these mistakes but those who do are often unforgiving about such errors.

She starts out describing typographical errors, which, lets be honest, happen to everyone. I can't believe that some typos on his Web page sealed his fate. If it were a piece of past professional work, I'd understand. So, I hope this it was more than just his blog :)

Of the 5 errors, the most difficult are the misplaced modifiers for both native and non-native speakers (writers) of English. The rest are strictly grammar rules, but knowing where to put the modifier is not. Grammatically, it can go just about anywhere in the sentence; however, pragmatically, it certainly cannot. Their aren't any set rules for this that I'm aware of.

Take a look at these. It may save you from future embarrassment.

Also, did you notice that I made one of each of these mistakes in my post above. Though, the misplaced modifier isn't too awkward. See if you can find them.


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