Saturday, January 19, 2008

Twitter tips from the #1 Tweeterboarder (Uh, that's me)

Cool Cat Teacher Blog: Twitter tips from the #1 Tweeterboarder (Uh, that's me)

Another cool post from Cool Cat Teacher. It starts out about Tweeterboard, which isn't too interesting to me. However, her explanation of how she got the #1 spot was interesting. Not because I aim to do it, but because she thinks that she got there based on a Tweeter Poll (her term) that she took.

The poll just asked her followers to chime in on who and where they are and what they do. She lists the impressive list of responses from people all over the world, doing many jobs in and around education. Her point is not, "Look how cool I am," but rather with a little effort and the right technologies, look at the professional network that I have access to. This is the beauty of social networking tools for professionals.


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