Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Top Italian Web Apps and more

Here's one for our resident Italian teacher in the class. Read/Write Web is an educational technology blog that I follow. Actually, it's more like a technology blog, but I find so many of the posting relevant to education.

In this post the author describe some Italian applications and describes the state of Web technology in Italy.


spascale said...

Dan, thank you for this. I had heard of some of the apps/resources mentioned here but had never used them or understood what they were and how they were used. I think it is useful to know about them, even if I don't use them, since my students likely use them and I can compare them to their English language counter parts.

Dan said...

Another great thing about blogs, especially class blogs, is that they collect these interactions semester after semester.

I added this link for an Italian student in the CALL class last year.


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