Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wikispaces for teachers100K

Look who's giving away free space. Wikispaces is offering AD-FREE wikis for those certifying that they will use the space for K-12 education. I'm not sure how you all signed up, but I'm guessing that your sites will have advertisements. Check this out and see if you might want to set up another space (just in case).


adam said...


If anyone signed up and didn't take advantage of the offer, they can just email us at and we can convert them to the teacher offer.

Thanks for spreading the word!


Dan said...

Isn't this great. An example of using blogs to communicate.

I'm assuming that Adam found this post via a "trackback". This enables Adam to see who is linking to his site or, more likely, to a specific page. Then he could reply to us. This fosters interaction between the content provider and the blogger (or beween bloggers)

On a related note, isn't it nice that a service provider like Wikispaces is so responsive? Take him up on his offer, if you get a chance.

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