Friday, June 15, 2007

Prometeus - The Media Revolution

YouTube - Prometeus - The Media Revolution

These are fun videos. It's like mini-science fiction documentaries. This is just for fun, but I think that you'll like it.

This is another video that predicts global domination for Google, through the purchase of all competitors. Like I said before, these are fun, but hardly believable....though, who knows?



michirhythm said...

I really enjoyed watching reminded me of Vanilla Sky. :)

Dan said...

I never thought about that comparison, but you're right. It does remind me of that a little.

Like I said before, I am skeptical of making predictions like the ones videos like this make. However, I like that it gets us thinking about the possibilities that lied ahead. And, most importantly, these predictions are rational, which lends an air of believability.


Muhammad Abdul-Mageed said...

I also enjoyed it very much. To me, the predictions also seem rational. After all, who could predict what we have 2day!

Susan said...

Interesting concept, Dan. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I particularly liked the idea of the prosumer....I never really thought of it that way.


Dan said...

The "prosumer" concept that is hot right now. I've never heard that exact term though. This is really at the heart of the read/write Web.


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