Tuesday, June 26, 2007


WebQuest.Org: Home

Yeah! WebQuest.org updated their site. It's much easier to navigate now. Unfortunately, this might mean that I have to change some of the links I have to these materials :(



Muhammad Abdul-Mageed said...

Hi dan,

Just was having a look at WebQuest. It seems very interesting. I will devote sometime to exploring it soon. I will also track comments here!


Abhishek Krishnan said...

Hi, your blog seems to be really nice!! Are you interested in exchanging links? My blog is at http://changingtechnology.blogspot.com/ and it’s about the latest gadgets and the technology used. Do let me know if you are interested. I too will put up a link to your blog on mine. Thanks.

Dan said...

Hi Muhammad,

I would suggest reading up on WebQuests and not just looking at the examples. Unfortunately, many people just don't get it when designing a WebQuest and end up with a product that is not the best instructional tool.

Understanding the constituent parts is important. See the links in Moodle and/or take a look at the resources at WebQuest.org


Muhammad Abdul-Mageed said...

Hi Dan,

Ok. Thanks for continued support. Your suggestions and pieces of advice over Skype yesterday were also useful and has caused me to think agian, and differently, of my plans. I do appreciate it!

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